Friday, October 29, 2010

Tsk Tsk

I've been appropriately chastised, I think.  In no uncertain terms I was told to post a/the song that is on my mind and not try to be so "oh I'm fine, no worries, things are A-Okay in my world.".  Wow okay Anna and Sophie, jeez can you wait 24 hours??

So, having been finger wagged and tsked tsked all the way across the big blue Atlantic [what? you didn't enjoy the half naked photos?]

These are the songs that are on repeat. [they were an incredible gift, hard to not think of the person when I listen to them but they give me a slightly yummy naughty feeling]

Black Tambourine - Black Car

I want you, but you don't see me
I'll touch you, but it's in my dreams

My Bloody Valentine - Slow

It's just a slow slow suck
You make me smile, smile

Slowdive - Machine Gun

Peter Bjorn & John - The Chills

Your tongue is sharp
But I miss the taste of it
You say time heals, there's not enough of it

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