Sunday, March 15, 2015

Reptile Leper

Shedding skin, like a transcendent reptile leper.

Let go of your dreams and they'll come true
Is it progress without you?

Image: Felicia Simion

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Luminescent Dash

Car shopping is a callous beast, most lascivious and cruel.  The tongues of dealerships salivate with the desperation and hunger of so many lusting to join its bowel of promise.   Our ears burning with its howls within the cacophony of a showroom, we join the throng.  These are the things we do for what the modern world has deemed freedom.  

Is it weird that I found myself wondering how many of those motorized creatures would find themselves in mangled heaps in the junkyard?  Devoured by yet another monstrous mechanical beast, their blood bone compatriots lying also in a ruin of their own making?  Yeah.. probably.  This twisted grey cerebral mass and its trajectory.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Eat My Dust, You Insensitive Fuck

Spiraled and unraveled, call the truth to your bosom as best you can. 
I know, I know, I know.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Lime Reflections

Sing me a line from your favourite song

Friday, March 6, 2015


Did you know I work at a yoga studio?  It's a place that brings all walks of life on their various paths of transition;  a place of healing, camaraderie, frustration, Freak Flag Flying, disorganization and happiness.  So many beautiful, agonizing and eye-opening relationships have been forged there.  Just yesterday, a semi-famous British Justin Timberlake impersonator/colleague visiting for only a couple of months and I shared a meditation and tarot card reading at my favorite spot, the Rothko Chapel. We have that rare connection that allows you to say whatever it is that you're feeling, what you see.  The sight of your eyes but also that second sight, the sight that most judge you as being a burden, a fallacy or even a joke. 

Forbidden wine graces my lips for the first time in weeks as I celebrate quietly a promotion and I inhale the scent of carefully kept incense as well as the carefully kept secret of my private pleasure, smoking.  As my ex-lover soaks in the sun on a foreign beach, his disdain of its comforting floral opium presence matters little to me.   It burns as does my will.  I loved him and maybe he even loved me, once.  Believed him to be the person that would help transcend my soul.  And so it was.   As he as said numerous times, we are nothing if not puppets of our astrology.

This moment is precious.  One of gratitude and connection; I know She is with me.  So much has been sacrificed to learn.  It's an end and also only a beginning.

The angel of love was upon me
And lord I felt so small
The legs beneath me weaken
I began to crawl
Confused and contented
I slithered around
Reveal is beyond me
I was lost I was found

The angel of love was upon me
And lord I felt so weak
I felt my tongue move in my mouth
And I began to speak
A strange kind of language
I don't understand
A babbling fountain
I couldn't have planned
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