Saturday, June 27, 2015


All the cute tropical garage francais je ne sais quoi you could ask for in this Soko (previously mentioned) sun-soaked music video for French band, Papooz, and featuring her striking lady love, Sasha.

I'll just pretend this is my summer vacation.

“I wanted it to be weird and DIY-looking and a bit fucked up,” says Soko of her video, “Ann Wants To Dance,” for the Parisian duo Papooz. “It's actually my first time directing someone else's video, and I put a lot of pressure on myself.”

Luckily for the French filmmaker, actor and musician, known for self-directing lo-fi music videos and collaborations with Spike Jonze, the tropical-garage duo proved to be laid back subjects. “Both Armand [Penicaut] and Ulysse [Cottin] have that very particular French cynicism and they don't take themselves too seriously,” says Soko. “They were down to play and go on adventures. Which is all I was asking for from them.”

Shot in Greece, the video is something of a love letter to Soko’s model girlfriend Sasha Melnychuk, who stars in the series of lighthearted holiday-themed vignettes.

“Sasha has this natural goddess beauty that is half tragic and half captivating. And because I love her, well, filming her is the most magical thing on the planet.”

Via Nowness

Insomnia Hell

Work in 2 hours and I'm in insomnia hell.   No sleep for the wicked it would seem and at this hour there are no beautiful words, only some sort of saggy grey absolutes.

The inevitable happy/sad tailspin after meeting up with the Ex-Lover... what a clich√©- the earnest meanderings of the heart.  We've all said them before.  "We were so beautiful and then..."  Remembering it all, the beginning, the middle and the end.  You ignore something long enough, it will find a way to pounce on you when least expected.

Music was such an intrinsic component of our interaction, there is no way to encapsulate it all.  A terrible remembrance of what we were, could have been and the reality now but what else is there to do at the moment?  Once you buy a ticket to Clich√© Ville, sit back and let the fun rain over you.

Crystal Fighters- LA Calling

Fleetwood Mac -Everywhere

Lower Dens - To Die in LA

 DIANA - Born Again 

 We all deserve a little drama and leniency.

Friday, June 26, 2015

I Love Those Fucking Eyes

John Maus is a genius (here and here)... each and every time I turn a corner on his roadmap I fall even more entranced into his sparkly, spidery jams.  THIS SONG.  super swoon

Also, who else could turn a shitty movie featuring Vanilla Ice into a post-modern gem of a music video?  I dare you to watch and not smile (or snort).

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Swum Flung

Dredge, float, believe.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Time Folds In On Itself

There are very few persons that humble me; situations to be sure, but people?  There was only one person that this song rang true for me but suddenly I find myself thinking of it in the context of someone new.  Not like anything I've known before; it's neither romance or spirited love affair but something else entirely.  Lessons abound and with it, a reminder of a never fully realised love affair from years before.  Only now, the roles have switched.  So be it, this song is still a gem of immeasurable value.

Great live version

Original audio

I go humble
you're so curiously pure
only before you I'm humble

I go humble
you amaze me
only before you I'm humble

I should be arrested
for my emotional stunts
only before you I'm humble

I'm queen of provocation
I wake people up
only before you I'm humble

I go humble
I adore you
only before you I'm humble

Strange Mange

Don’t tell me that a day will come
when we dress like everyone
cuz I can tell you’re strange like me

Don’t say the hour’s growing late
Don’t say we should be going straight
cuz I can tell you’re strange like me

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Remember, Remember

Lusciously creepy, deliciously weird.  Good morning world, this makes me so happy.

Monday, June 8, 2015


Along with the color red, I'm reclaiming a lot of things lately that I've let fall by the Hansel and Gretel wayside.  Watching this, I may have just jumped out of my seat and squealed. is producing a documentary on the eponymous '93 album, Souvlaki, by Slowdive on June 15th.  Tune in!

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