Monday, October 25, 2010

Reno Dakota Gets His Revenge

Hello darlings!  I made it back from my wild woman camping expedition last night and promptly passed out.  It was a lot of fun and I will post some pictures and regale you with stories when things settle down a bit, but promise not to do in the boring Welcome To The Browns Screening Party Where We Will Snore You With The Family's Entire Summer Vacation Slide By Agonizing Slide kind of way.

In other news, this trifle makes coming back to work the grind so much more worthwhile.  This morning I woke up to this de-light-ful little diddy.  By way of explanation, The Magnetic Fields are one of my favorite bands and Stephin Merritt is the ultimate cuddly/prickly grumpy bear.  If you didn't know there's a fantastic documentary made about him/Mag Fields and which is currently being screened around the country [and I think globe too] called Strange Powers, so named after this amazing/adorable/heartbreaking song.  It's screening in a town about 3 hours from mine early next month, and yes I fully intend upon missing sleep and spending whatever I have to in order to get there and see it.

For those super fans of 69 Love Songs, you will well remember this one.

 Reno Dakota there's not an iota of kindness in you
You know you enthrall me and yet you don't call me
It's making me blue, Pantone 292
Reno Dakota I'm reaching my quota of tears for the year
Alas and alack you just don't call me back You have just disappeared
It makes me drink beer
I know you're a recluse, You know that's no excuse. Reno, that's just a ruse
Do not play fast and loose with my heart
Reno Dakota I'm no Nino Rota I don't know the score
Have I annoyed you or is there a boy who Well he's just a whore
I've had him before
It makes me drink more

Turns out, there's an actual Reno Dakota, someone upon which Stephin Merritt had a giganta crush and who, even after repeated persistent attempts [including sending the above song and crediting the poor man in all 3 discs of 69 Love Songs], remained an unrequited love of sorts.  In this clip from the documentary, we not only get to meet the real Reno Dakota, he sings a song/response in return. 

Dear Stephin Merritt, please stop I can't bear it, Don't call anymore, 
My answering machine will continue to screen though it's tired and sore
But you're not gonna score
Dear Stephin Merritt 
You've dangled your carrot in the form of a song
That eponymous diddy is biting and witty
Your message is strong, but you've got me all wrong
From up in my tower, I watch with a powerful lust 
For brown gold and rust, Boys of color are just what I must
So dear Stephin Merrit
Just dump out that claret, try sleeping at night 
I'm wishing you well but that snowball in hell has the same sorry plight
And though try as we might, you're both hopelessly white.

And not to fret lovey doves, if you miss the screening, the DVD is due out some time next year.  Stay in the loop here.

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