Friday, October 22, 2010


I'm going real camping for the first time this weekend.  By real I mean no condo close by with electricity and showers, no restaurants or food kiosks. Cooking on a wood fire pit and sleeping in the open. Daddy Long Legs and hippie neighbors. Nature is beautiful, but from over there not rummaging around in my cooler at night [skunks, raccoons, snakes, spiders].

The place is called Lost Maples, which sounds so fabulous I can't wait.  So called because of the maple trees transplanted from their native Canadian soil [so I'm told] which means that right now they look like this!  The pictures are so pretty it almost makes up for my skeptical anxiety.  Almost.

Wish me luck on the roughing it. The last time I "camped" was ten years ago and I dove for a frisbee into a patch of poison ivy. Itchy stomach for days.   Mavis won't be coming along and instead will staying with my friend's dogs for a puppypalooza.  I'm really going to miss her floopy antics and furry face.  Collective aww, but at the same time Mom is free to play! I'll try to snap some pictures.  Have a lovely weekend kids!

It's one campy mix. Tee hee

The Legends - Play It For Today
Hot Chip - Look After Me
The Who - Tommy's Holiday Camp
Taken By Trees - My Boys [Animal Collective cover]
Young Empires - Glory of the Night
Vision of Trees - Cult of Cobras
The Cure - Caterpillar
The Veils - Sit Down By The Fire
Beach House - White Moon
The Legends  - You Won
Modest Mouse - Out of Gas
Rocketeer- Flashlights
Camera Obscura - Forests and Sands
The Outfield - Your Love
Talking Heads  - Take Me to The River


Christine said...

i'd love a copy of this mix!

Christine said...

also, camping advice: don't leave your shoes on the ground over night. mustn't give the scorpions new homes. a clothes wire and pins go a long way to peace of mind!

Genevieve said...

Oh gawd, I didn't even think about scorpions!

And ding! Done and done doll, it's yours.

Genevieve said...

Shakes my fist at creepy crepuscular critters! I've been dying for an excuse to use my new favorite word.

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