Saturday, October 30, 2010

Disco Nap

Hello lovelies!  Are you enjoying your weekend?  I am.  It's gorgeous here, sunny and the temps are in the 70s but no humidity.  Perfect.  And what am I doing?  Sitting inside debating on whether or not to take a disco nap.

Disco nap.  A funny phrase and one that two of my friends had never heard of.  So this got us to chatting, what does a disco nap look like?  Some people take a bath or shower first and cuddle up with a book while others crash out listening to some mundane natural tv show on sharks or the mating habits of dung beetles.  I personally like to have a little me time and sink into the white bliss of a/c noise and Mavis' furry puppy hugs.  Then in 30 minutes [sometimes like 2 hours] some internal clock goes off and bouncing Gummi Bear style I mosey myself into the shower and Alakazam! ready for just about anything, cranky fuzzy brain banished to the dark woodsy recesses.  You wake up reborn. 

Knowing this though doesn't help the guilt on a day like this when I know I should be out there making the most of my Saturday.  Does a nap even count as something worthwhile?  Probably not but I'm nothing if not self-indulgent, I suppose the misguided might even say narcissistic but I prefer self-loving.  Life is hard enough most days, so do something nice for you today.  You will thank you.

And just in case you're looking for a little disco wake up music, this one fits the bill.

From behind the tree came a man
You think you know what love is boy?

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