Monday, February 27, 2012

An Altar Of Sorts

Is this attention just a burden to bear?  A sick reminder that I didn't care?

My love, my mirror, my haunting.  I love this band so much there is nothing left to do but create the alter of underbelly kinship.  Austra sends me into a whirling dervish oblivion drain.  And as I curl into a black hole space, remembering [but rarely mentioning] bleached bones, this alter calls seeking an anchor.  Feel It Break, my brain, being and loins coagulate.

Here's a pretty lovely fan video of their track The Choke featuring film clips from Fritz Lang's Scarlet Street.

Sadly, for you CTST readers, I've only posted of them here once.  But for a select few [four to be exact] you may well remember my introduction/obsession/intense adoration of them from that other [waves hand flippantly] soul vomit foregone conclusion of a blog.

In a synchronistic alignment of the stars, I was very fortunate to see them at Fun Fun Fun Fest and even more lucky that my Salt Decadence encounter asked me to an after fest dj show where Katie Stelmanis and her bandmate, the equally sexy Maya Postepski [now one half of the amazing duo Trust, a band very soon to be posted] were djing.  Weaving my way in typical, clumsy, genuine, altogether too much Miranda July-esque habit to the booth, I tried in a succinct, reverent, cool hipster way to express just how much I loved them and their performance.

How I understand to the depths of my marrow the feelings and fires their lyrics spark and would it be alright if we could drink wine together sometime, candles lit, incense burning while we seance lost souls with more wisdom than any one living could possibly bear?

Yeaaah... obviously I'm the furthest thing from a cool hipster.  What came out was more of a, "You were amazing!!  Um, thank you so much for a great show.  Ramble ramble... fizzle."  Even that is more cogent than my See Her Tumbling Down moment.  Katie was less than impressed sadly and just kind of scowled while fidgeting in her gorgeous caftan, though Maya was very sweet about my sad attempt and we talked briefly about current music that we're into...

I should know better by now.  When it comes to talking to bands/people I like, I'm hopeless.  More often than not, it's like I'm walking around with an invisible whoopie cushion stuck to my ass.  wink

This yap yap nonsense aside, Austra is in my core of Hell Yes and should be in yours as well. 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Devils

I can't decide what I think of Hanne Hukkelberg's track off of her latest album Featherbrain.  The chorus is my current repeat obsession but the delicious surreal video by Forest gives me goosebumps.

Also have you spent any time reading Letters of Note?  This tender, bittersweet letter was written by physicist Richard Feynman to his late wife, Arline, 16 months after her death and remained unsealed for forty plus years until after his death.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Happy 2 B Sad

I'm so ridiculously in love with Happy 2 B Sad. This blogger Natalya speaks my language, cracks me up with laughter and makes my soul so happy with these and many more tasty delights I just. can't. stand. it.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Les Mots

Languages:  bane/adoration of my existence.  Interpreting what someone means, that subtle dance... I can dance, I love dancing.  This KICK, this hello I'm here, the Silence that follows... it just hurts.  These days I'm such a genuine flower.   I want love.  Genuine love.  The flim flam flibbity hullabaloo doesn't interest me.

Depeche Mode - The Things You Said

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Auteur

There is at once a shift, a pulse, a wind whispering.  Do not grasp, do not forge.  Yield.

Gdansk - The Auteur

Breaking All The Rules

A hilarious day filled with absolutely strange laugh-aloud commentary, like naming one's conceptual children [anyone who knows me will understand this hilarity though I have without-a-doubt-don't-try-to-change-my-mind-or-stop-me ferociously picked the name of conceptual Daughter], pen pal jokes and online funny chats, tongue tied office delirium "do you have any plain claper pips [meaning paper clips], 3 hours in the salon chair trying still to get rid of the idiotic sleeping death black dye I was stupid enough to don oh so so so many moons ago while sparking snarky about Jesus/Hot Chocolate You Sexy Thing [high school movie theater job]/Kate Moss and that stupid editorial pose that has become so retardedly popular, hookah and altogether amazingly too short conversations about love, self-hood, triangulation, excepting something for what it is, stage 5 clingers, Siberian ferns, existential quicksand and the fence and flowers one must plant in order to breathe reboot and thrive, and do I really look like Raggedy Ann?  I don't??  Whew, thank god.  What?  I look like a sombrero?  My friends and days like today are the absolute best.

Breaking all the rules now by staying up way past my bedtime to post this nonsense but I know you were waiting all day on pins and needles for this fantastic, thought provoking hovercraft.

Here's hoping today you also broke some rules.  xo
Ludus - Breaking All The Rules

PS.  Just in case you were wondering, this is the last song of my Winter Mix Dames & Dudes

PPS.  Are you impressed with my non mention of My Crush or the Love That We Dare Not Speak His Name?  Dammit, you should be, cuz I've tried super hard to break the rule.  Stupid because these are two of my favorite topics!  In case you are curious, the Crush has deflated, disintegrated and I think disappeared though I don't really understand why.  Bummed central without a doubt.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Black Apple

I am so utterly charmed by the color palette and subject matter of Emily Martin's quaint and subtly sinister prints.  Now to decide which lovely to bring home.  

See more at her shoppe The Black Apple.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Guff Woman

The Organ - Love Love Love

The Organ - I Am Not Surprised

I never said I was a cool person; nor did I say my music tastes are anything other than what they are.  [P.S. If you are the recipient of a one of my very special handmade mixed cds and decide to be a shitty snobby jackass about it, rest assured you will NEVER receive anything from me ever again].

Speaking of caring fucking less, I actually really really like The Organ, regardless of their dubious associations and backgrounds. Tonight this is really doing the trick.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Maudlin Hello

Yeah I'm being dramatic, very much so.  Bear with me, ok?

Karate Chop!

The universe has a way of turning a corner and throwing you a bone right when you need it.  It's about damn time.  After a couple of weeks of spiteful poison, a little respite in the form of this delicious, cathartic, it's all about the thrash and yelp noise/shoegaze band out of Warsaw, Poland.  Don't think you're off the hook just yet Universe, I've still got my eye on you. 

Karate Free Stylers - Glasgow

Karate Free Stylers - Another Dawn Fades

Karate Free Stylers - World Fails Me

*Oh and I don't want to hear any blather about how karate is pronounced kar-a-tay. That's just stupid. 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lamentable Detachment

Ever woken from dreaming to the sound of yourself weeping, your cheeks raw and stained with tears?  That sort of thing stays with you throughout the day and your clouded eyes can discern only death, despair, violence and heartache.  A grey day indeed.  A sparrow ripped from the trees by a rogue out of place hawk, feathers splay the ground like white blood.  In a final act of desperation, the sparrow finds its way free and the hawk settles onto another branch, eyes sharp for another fool.  I walk home, despondent and defeated, for even the positive omens mean little on a day like today.
Feeding Fingers Detach Me From My Head sure as fuck reminds me of The Cure Lament.  So here you are my darklings, two tragic tracks for your aural pleasure.  Stay warm.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Yeah I Want Him... So What?

Fay Ray - Love Is Strange

Sighs. I want so much and then I want nothing at all and then I want it all plus more. It all comes down to rhythms and cycles, maybe. I don't really know anymore.

[I wish he would give more.  I wish he would tell me.]

Fay Ray is pretty fucking awesome... do yourselves a favor. xo

Friday, February 10, 2012

Girl On A Motorcycle

Cinerama's track Girl On A Motorcyle set to clips of the film Girl On The Motorcyle featuring Marianne Faithfull and that guy Alain Deleon.   This clips features some seriously sexy boob caresses, even hotter stoic intense man stares, yummy leather and weird whimsical '60s film shots.


I'm very disappointed in you bloggers.

Cinerama:  kids I'm just figuring them out myself but so far everything I've heard is delish.  David Gedge, member of UK band The Wedding Present, started this duo with his then lady.  You can check out wiki for the full deets because that sort of stuff bores me today.  But of the songs I've heard, I'm digging them immensely.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Healing images.  Soothing sounds.

Be Still, Play Dead

Flux, cycles and phases.  Nothing is permanent, except impermanence.  Stubbornly clinging to an idea, a person or a place, it is change that most often saddens me.  Must remember the phases of the moon, the daily march of the sun and always to breathe. 

Foals - 2 Trees

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Real Love

This track by Chrysta Bell [album produced by David Lynch] is one sexy beast.  Ignore her unfortunate facial expressions though. 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

My Eyes Are Baptism

Jeff Buckley and Elizabeth Fraser - All Flowers In Time

This is possibly one of the most beautiful duets ever recorded.  What I wouldn't give to know the intimate details of their relationship.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Uncomfortable Truths

After a very long spell of hibernation and reflection, the last few weeks of non-stop energetic encounters have been an intoxicating trip.  So much fun but, and there's always a but, I have to wonder if I've stayed too long at the party.  Just like Pinocchio's Pleasure Island, I fear I'm inches away from turning into a gigantic ass.

It's probably not a surprise that I'm fairly opinionated and ferocious at times with expressing these opinions.  Foot in my mouth disease does not even fully illuminate this propensity.  Extreme in nature and usually existing at either end of an epic frenetic emotional spectrum.  [Not quite as epic though as Kristen Bell].  Which makes for great reality tv but doesn't bode so well for every day life.  One day my hope is that diplomacy will be a way of life and not such a laborious conscious exercise.  That the intuitive receptive part of myself will outwit the feisty fire dragon.  Growing pains suck.

Current aural obsession.

Dråpe - Shimmering

Dråpe - I Would Never

Thursday, February 2, 2012

How I Miss Thee, Let Me Count The Ways

It feels forever since I sat before this screen and said, "Hello You."  I miss you.

But, it's a quick post this morning as I bend over the keys in my bathrobe, hair still wet, teeth to be brushed, lunch to be made before I skedaddle out the door to the Babylon Tower.

Much to come, so much to regale.  Link Fest.  Crush Update.  Quasi Life Lessons even.  And this too.

You know I love The Veils.  Here, here, here and here.  There was a letter once written in preparation for the hardest letter I will ever have to write.  Do I?  Should I?  Is it even worth it?

*Also, don't you just adore oldie typewriters? I do!
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