Thursday, October 14, 2010


The first time I heard this I listened to it a bajillion kazillion times [and probably cried as many tears].  It came to me synchronistically in the form of a mixed cd left in a car I inherited two years ago. It contained no song titles and for an entire year I treasured and coveted this mysterious hymn.  Many thanks to Evie [super researcher] for finding the lyrics a whole year later on a lonely, obscure blog after I had long since given up the ghost of ever knowing.

This is absolutely, categorically, implicitly one of the most beautiful songs I have ever ever ever heard in my life and those who know me know I rarely say such things. Cuddle up kids, things are getting spooky around here.

Daniel Knox - Ghost Song

When I come back to life, I'll find you
Push my thumbs into your eyes and blind you.

Also check out this funny video of him singing away in the bathtub with a KAZOO.

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