Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Home has increasingly been on my mind the last few months and spending time there has become more and more important to me, which is strange because I used to love love love being in the mix of everything. For months now I've been pecking away at this concept of home [i.e. here and here and here etc], slipping slowly into this new way of being and thinking and mentally preparing myself not to run for the hills when my predictable restlessness returns, and it always returns, dervishly insistent.

It's a new thing, this learning to embrace and balance a more quiet, less frenetic life filled with conversations of a different sort and creating both a new life and home space without becoming a huge snore.  Am I a crafter, tinkerer?  A quilter, a chef? Well, I wouldn't go that far, but it's a start and like I mentioned over here and here and here change is imminent and I will be turning a new leaf all too soon.  I hope you will all join me as I undoubtedly bumble and bump my way through awkward unchartered territories.

My absolute favorite song of home is Bjork - Anchor Song
[this is a particularly charming adaptation from Family Tree, pay close attention at around the 2:30 mark.  Beautiful!!]

I live by the ocean
And during the night I dive into it
Underneath all currents
Down to the bottom
And drop my anchor
cuz this is where I'm staying
This is my home

Inspiration photo x 1 million!  Look at this beautiful studio space [it's chic, casual which is very important to me, comfortable and French mais oui!].  It gives my dinky studio apartment a serious insecurity complex and a definite goal to work towards!


Christine said...

i'd like to curl up in that chair with a blanket and cup of tea. also, you know you have my support. as always! there will be no snore.

Genevieve said...

I want to cook soup and meander out onto that terrace with a glass of red. And thank you dove xx.

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