Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Whats It?

The weather this week is unbelievable.  After months and months of sweltering 100 degree sticky disgusting sauna heat, the temperature is now a comfortable even slightly chilly 75.  Everyone is so much more relaxed and cheerful.  Gone is the feeling that the blasted summer would last forever [though if you live here, you expect to have a sweaty Christmas].  I suppose in other parts of the world people are lamenting the rapid approach of wintry darkness but here, in the Groin of America, is when we all come out of our hiding holes and celebrate. 

So in honor of the Advent of Fall, last night I made my friend a mix cd.  Not of quietude and death but of blazing Let's Get Our Asses Outside And Do Things.  Even better, she's on the verge of falling in love and I can't think of a better season for love.  So we drove around blasting speakers, bopping around and generally making giddy fools of ourselves. 

This made in on there - Warning: Extremely silly.

And This.

And just a bit of grit. <3 <3 <3
Hot skin in the night
In the hour when the animals are born
And crimes of passion are committed
Take me to the morning light
Take me to your leader

Take me to the frozen north
Skating, falling
Falling down, down, down
Into icy water


Anonymous said...

that reminds me of some good memories. namely, you hanging out of my car window as we zoomed down allen parkway, wind in your hair, and me sure that any moment you were going to fall out. those were good times!

Genevieve said...

What good is a memory without a little element of danger, eh? Must have been an adrenaline junkie in a previous life. Let's road trip soon and this time I promise to keep all appendages safely inside the car, except for the seven foot long streamers, of course.

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