Monday, September 6, 2010

A Red Potato... Very Romantic

If you're not familiar, Frankie and Johnny is based on the play by Terrence McNally and I think it's such a successful movie because while he also wrote the screenplay the director, Garry Marshall, stayed true to the roots of the original. 
It's shot with a tense, classic film noir quality and the dialogue is beyond superb.  Each scene is deliberate and homage is paid to the very real intimacy that can occur between two people.  Al Pacino is already a sexy beast in my book and in this movie his typical raw intensity blazes in comparison to Michelle Pfeiffer's strength and frailty.  I wish I knew how to really talk about this movie without sounding clumsy or removed but I just love it too much, so please enjoy and forgive the very grainy quality of these stills; I took them with my point and shoot while watching it on my eentsy tv.

Here is the closing scene.  The toothbrushes kill me.

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Paul S said...

I never saw Frankie and Johnny on stage, but I was able to look past the criticism of Pfeiffer's casting – I loved the movie and your post.

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