Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Like a Miniature Hugh Hefner

My friend Evie turned me onto the free podcasts through iTunes. My current favorite is the Moth Project which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the art of live storytelling without notes. I hope you take the opportunity to listen to writer Meg Wolitzer's account of First Love, Long Island Circa 1975, embedded below if the link doesn't work.

"I grew up inside a Judy Bloom novel. By which I mean, my entire girlhood was sort of filled with boys, malls, tampax and bases..."

The next two are amazing too.
"Juliet Wayne and Brad Lawrence - GrandSLAM stories". Juliet and her crazed love and heroine addiction scares off her Mr. Juliet. Brad realizes something about crushes.

Mike Daisey - What Was Lost
The danger of long distance relationships and when his girlfriend decides to keep their baby.

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