Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wake Up Boo! This Is Your Alarm Call!

I love sleep.  I love naps.  Curling up in my blanket with the white cloud of A/C noise humming steadily and methodically in the background.  Pure Bliss.  It is a rare day I enjoy waking up at the butt crack of dawn to welcome the morning [unless I'm on vacation and there is a pool, then some weird rooster crows inside me and I'm happy to swim laps at 6am].  But most days I'm the antithesis of those crazy Kundalini yogis happily hyperventilating their morning Breath of Fire.

Even with the SIX alarms I set, seven if you include my little pup, Mavis, who gets so excited by the 3rd alarm she can't stop wriggling and somersaulting over my head, my half-asleep hazy brain either throws the clocks, hides them under pillows or simply ignores them altogether.  It has always been this way and I know I'm not alone; my friend Evie is also a sleep hoarder.  When we lived together, she would hear my alarms beeep beeeep BEEEEP for an hour before I would rouse.  All of my roommates have complained.

So a few days ago, Evie sent a video for this fabulous invention to me.  I wonder with a maximum volume of 113 decibels [apparently louder than a chainsaw] and a shimmy thing that shakes the bed, if this is my answer or if it would just be a new chew toy for Mavis.

Notice how even the cameraman jumps?  This alarm is skeery.

Best Wake Up Song Ever [Live]

One of my friends used to get soooo ticked off at me for blasting this while making breakfast.  I confess 10 years later, I did it on purpose.  Who wants to eat breakfast alone?? Tee hee.


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