Friday, September 17, 2010


My fingers cramp at writing this here because my insides cry with another story.  Look!  I wish I could be honest and scrape the inside of myself out for all to see, but I can't. I will say this, this song was given to me as part of a beautiful mixed cd.  Little does he know he changed my life with that simple disc. This particular song is haunting and I often wonder if he ever understood the swift and vociferous embrace of these words.

Portishead - The Rip

As she walks in the room,
Scented and tall,
Hesitating once more.
And as I take on myself,
And the bitterness I felt,
Realise that love lost, while

White horses,
They will take me away,
And the tenderness I feel,
Will send the dark underneath,
Will I follow?

Through the glory of life,
I was scattered on the floor,
Disappointed and sore.
In my thoughts I have bled,
For the riddles I've been fed,
Another lie moves over

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