Monday, October 29, 2012

Another No One

After a period of soul searching following several months of intense panic/anxiety attacks and a particularly insightful tarot card reading, I submitted my resignation today.  Just a couple of weeks and then no more legal mumbo jumbo, no more Babylon Tower.   No more Devil Bride, Devil Spawn, Pit Vipers or The Bitches of Eastwick.  No more irate clients calling me "Useless Bitch, Fucking Worthless" etc.  On to better and brighter things. 

Strange that such a melancholy sounding tune would complement this even stranger buoyantly weighted feeling of... well... blissful resignation.  But as you probably already know, Suede is and always will be home and a part of my center. 

She takes the blame, takes the pain but the world smiles...
So she packs her bags, smokes a fag and the world smiles
Because inside well she feels alright and turns to say:
"Yes it's the end, the final showdown
Yes it's the end of our small love
You'll have to find another no one to take the shit like I have
Well I guess this is the end, I guess this is the end"

*Nerdy footnote:  In times of indecision or confusion, the Zerner-Farber deck is insightful and kind, not cruel or pointed... kind of like having a fiercely independent eccentric great-aunt [who may even have been a bohemian flapper in the 1920s] giving you an objective overview of your life and encouraging you to grasp it with both hands.  

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