Saturday, October 13, 2012

What a Circus!

 October weddings in my circle seem like they've become a thing.  Remember last year when I bored you all with those rants about finding a dress and having to put up with the icky romance factor [but secretly I truly love it, sort of like being a curmudgeonly super closeted macho gay bear]?
[Here, here, here and here]

Tonight I'm going to a circus wedding, an actual circus! There will be acrobats, burlesque dancers, jugglers, sideshow performers, flame throwers and we're all encouraged to dress up as our favorite circus freaks. Two Star Symphony will be performing too! If ever there was a moment to let your freak flag fly high, tonight will be it.
Now if I can just figure out how to apply these hologram eyelashes without blinding myself...

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