Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Poisoned Sunset

I feel totally sick to my stomach [as well as being generally sick with a stupid head cold] because I gave away my 3-day pass to November's Fun Fun Fun Fest and I just.can't.stand.it.  The line up this year is ridiculous and even though festivals can sometimes be annoying, I was looking forward to a weekend getaway surrounded by audiophiles and live sounds.

A couple of months back I made a list of the bands I was uber excited to see [which I listed below] but rather than pour salted lemon juice into my bruised sulky pout by linking songs to all of them, here's a really weird band I stumbled across in my efforts to ignore all things Fun Fest related.  

Snow Wite hail from the poisoned acid landscape of Los Angeles and you can taste that powdery psychedelia in their mix of garage haze.  Strange, unnerving, slightly postmodern even... I really can't get a clear picture of their band's sound without a few more listens.  Here more at their bandcamp.  

Here's a really WEIRD video for their track D.I.A.N.E  - I guess that's just L.A. for you.

Okay maybe I self-indulgently and masochistically fell a little too far down the self-pity hole with the following list but I'm sure you can understand. Just look at some of the stellar acts performing [and please just ignore my parenthetic whining].

De La Soul // Starfucker // Trust [don't even fucking get me started on not getting to see these kids] // Tanlines // Diamond Rings // Gold Fields // Love Inks [UGGHHH] // Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros // PIL [Yes as in Public Image Limited] // Explosions in the Sky [seem them twice and they're SOOO GOOD] // Santigold // The Head and the Heart // The Black Angels [I really really wanted to see them] // Minus the Bear // Deerhoof [seen them twice, super fun!] // Surfer Blood // Atlas Sound // Black Moth Super Rainbow [soo pissed about this one.  It's a pretty safe bet to say that a track of theirs ends up on every 2nd mix cd I make] // Twin Sister // Dum Dum Girls [whimpers] // Beach Fossils [triple whimpers] // Yellow Ostrich [posted about them awhile back] // A Place To Bury Strangers [seen them but hot damn they're good live] // Balmorhea [beautiful, I hope their subtlety will translate live] // Ume // Wavves [fuck this would have been so great] // Japandroids // Braid

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