Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Did you know John Lennon was a Libra?  I sure didn't and feel a bit of nonplussed irritation mixed with an a-ha epiphany.  Maybe you're not into astrology [which if the case, just skip the following] and maybe you are but I always thought he possessed a bit of Geminian asceticism plus you'd have to be a bit twinned to love someone like Yoko right?  Though if I pause and think a moment, it makes sense.  His Libran indecision was precisely displayed through the interplay of choosing Yoko over The Beatles.

Now that I know he's of the Libran variety, I have mixed emotions.   I'm not too sure what to think except to say that I seem to be fatally drawn to individuals with strongly aspected Libran Suns and Moons [along with Scorpios, Leos and Aries but that's another slice of astro pie altogether] so it makes sense his lyrics would move me in the way that they do.

Think I'll just have to put this little tidbit in my astrology pipe and smoke on it for awhile.

Happy Birthday John from one jealous frog to another.

*In case you were curious 'Astrousy' is a smush meaning Astrological Jealousy which is something I'm super familiar with. Don't ask, it's a tunnel of Wonderland proportions.

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