Friday, October 26, 2012

Life On My Own

I don't want to perform.  I will never fucking be you!!  Conformity doesn't interest me and I refuse to even try anymore.  No longer an infant sulphur match waiting for an itch of your subjective fancy to strike me into life, desperate and hungry for your attention-approval.  Stretched taut and tight, the stirrings within me speak powerfully and I turn my face in ecstasy to their demands, not shame.  I will never hold you as jagged comfort ever again...

She has come from the dark predatory depths, No Longer Unknown, speaking Truth with a clear vengeance all her own.  Like Kali... the blessed goddess that swallows your ignorant self-obsessed head, digesting it through her bacteria infested putrid intestines and finally births it through a vaginal canal so pure and clean you emerge Yourself.

Masquer's lyrics and sounds of their song Happiness make me feel so ridiculously calm. 

Image: Sasha Stone, Femmes-Study No. 10, 1933

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