Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Closer, The Root

Searching for the root, the core that binds and sustains.  For comfort, yes, but also to find the key to the lock.  If I can remember where I buried it, I'll be free.

The Legends // Closer // Facts and Figures // 2006

Tell me baby why am I here?
I don't want your body near
Something is really weird
This is too physical for me

There is blood
There are tears
It is all part of my fears
And it could seem pretty weird
I even wish I didn't have to eat

You say you need love in your eyes
I don't want to be the one to show you
You say you will live a lover's life
I'm not gonna be the one who knows you

Tell me baby why am I here? 
I don't want to hold you dear 
And I wish you could be 
A little bit further away for me

I no longer hope for more
More I don't want
I only wish that I could feel free

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