Tuesday, September 11, 2012

No Ordinary Atmosphere

This track Ordinary Life by Signal & Report is thumptastically [yes that's a word] My Heart.  The way he heartbreakingly puts himself out there and pleads "Just turn away" makes me think of Ian Curtis' brutality when he rips through Atmosphere

At the two minute mark this gorgeous music CRASHES into you... beating heart,  this is everything.   I don't know much about this vocalist [I'm confused as to whether it's Chris Hall or Noah Miller that's singing on this track] but that really doesn't matter.  I'm in love with this song too much to bother over silly details like origins. I do; however, think it's fantastic that both of their releases No New Rome to Burn and Marshlands were recorded at Sacred Heart Studios in Duluth, Minnesota, located inside a desanctified cathedral*.  So far I really like the bass and guitar on tracks The Bell RoomCurrent, and Over the Wire too.

Winning you is too much work
But wanting you is so much worse
God knows I've tried to swallow my pride
Watching you, your hands, your face
Makes my anger melt away
And you know that just makes me lonely
- Just turn away

I don't know you, I think that you know me
There's a presence behind your eyes
I hate the way you got a hold on me
You make me forget ordinary life
And turn away

I need someone to know me now
Someone to help me, show me how
To begin to live in ordinary sin
You holy angel
Just turn away
You holy angel

All I've known is my own self
I've never dealt with someone else
And I'm scared of wanting to drown in you
My insides out and out of place
I give myself up to your grace
Let's take a risk, let's say we do this
And turn away

You turn away
Just turn away

*You can read more about Signal & Report at Fear of a Blank Planet.  This blurb is really nice:  "Signal & Report make music for the 3 a.m. hour, full of mystery, doubt, fear and cold sweat...Amongst all of it is a deep and resonant voice communicating a range of anxiety, terror and empathy with equal parts croak and croon."


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