Friday, September 7, 2012

Black Roses

Lust on a Friday.  Pure unadulterated lust.

What witch doesn't dream of beautiful suppliant women kneeling in a row... of one day leading their own prostrate coven called Black Roses?  Or Black Waves, Black Tears or even Black Tits?   As long as it's black, right?  Usually witch house makes me laugh because it just takes itself so fucking seriously but for some reason this song and gorgeous video really hit the coffin nail on the head.  Read more about director Julieta Triagular's delightfully wicked ritualistic concept over at The End of Being.

Excerpts from her Q/A to die for [but edited for my own sanity]:

What was your concept?  What intrigues you?
It is about two women, one is the creation of the other.  One is like Frankenstein, the other as the witch eager to love.  The work and the creator.  Executioner women want to give love to their mistresses and murder women of hearts on fire to get it...
Who are the mysterious women?
They are the soul, the vulnerable part of the woman who believe that blood can find its origin

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