Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Metal Moon

Tonight a dear friend and I hung for the first time in what seems like ages.  Whenever we do, it's as if the winds of something effervescent and fizzily delicious blow into my life.  After our meetings I am inevitably left feeling clean.  Calm even.  Life is possible.  As much as she would probably demur, she is an incomparably positive gloriousity and the world's inhabitants would all be better people to call someone like her a friend.

As is usual, tonight we discussed our selves.  As they are now and as we would like them to one day be.  We all carry with us some form of loss and it is this loss, like some sort of sticky oil desecrating the wildlife, that becomes a part of an internal landscape touching everything with its oily embrace.  Once upon a much sadder time [as witnessed in many earlier blog postings], I thought one day I would wake from my loss and somehow would have magically transcended It All.  Become this new hermit crab with baby soft skin ready for my new fabulous existence with none of the clingy icky-ness of the past left to remind me of what once was.  No more darkness, no more twisted rage-pain to color an otherwise pastel background of health and perfection.  This new being would have all the answers.  She projects nothing but warmth and love and of course she is only successful.  [are you smirking yet?]

Though I am free from certain sadnesses, I also recognize I will never really be free of others.  As I recently posted some things wash through our lives ephemerally with the grace and violence of the ocean.  Some things... some things, they never leave us.  Understanding and appreciating the difference between the two is key. 

So here we are, at the end of an imperfectly amazing summer.  The summer that I gave myself 'time off' to play, pounce, devour and be utterly hedonistic.  The babies have to grow up sometime and I'm terrified.  What now?

The Bats flap it pretty much perfectly.

Collection is easy
Direction is hard to find
Time is the healer

*This is a really super important 2012 track y'all.  I don't really want to go into why I just wanted to make a little foot note


Christine said...

I love this image. It is just so captivating!

Genevieve said...

Isn't it just perfect? I wish I knew the name of the photographer...it's too arresting an image to be just a one-off.

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