Sunday, September 30, 2012

Spirit Desire // City Head

 I spent the entire weekend in silence.  No spoken words to any other soul, except the occasional "C'mon darlin" to my pup.  It's a pretty surreal experience.

The question begs what to do with all your free time when the blank canvas reigns.  Neither the past nor the future pierce you with dictorial directive.  No song reminds you of a lover past, present or future.  Emotions no longer compel, distract, hinder, cling or push to make decisions.   There is neither the anchor of feeling nor the cannon of action.  You know longer love them or long for those long gone.  Nothing nostalgic connects you.  No one person binds you.   Neither disconcerting, peaceful or content.  Neither full nor blank. 

Unknown but not an unwanted, because I want for nothing and no one.  There is instead unnamed unfamiliar desire. There is breath, blood, a synaptic pulse. This reprieve and this pounding pressure.

Sonic Youth - Teenage Riot by Atlantic Records

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