Monday, August 15, 2011

I Hope The Moon Is Listening

For to forget a love is to regret

Future Islands - Before The Bridge

My heart could be open to you since I feel the darkness and I hold it close but if you want something different than you have to show me something.  Something real.  I write and I write but you evil villain, go away, I want nothing to do with you if you're hateful.  Unless you want to crawl inside.   Unless you want to open up and recognize that this heart and that heart are the same.  Propinquity, a nearness in place.  Than, I will hold you deeply where no one can find you, harm you.  But, that will never happen, will it?  You show me nothing.   So you see?  I hold a candle in a place so quiet & lovely, a place of solitude and peace.  Covenant.  Something that I can never put into words but which sparkles in the right light.

- Excerpt from a script [doohickey?] I'm working on.  Script, book whatever, not sure exactly how it will end, but it's a thingy called 'Love Letters'.  Are you laughing hysterically?

In other news, Future Islands is so amazing.  The kind of amazing that once you tune in, you will want to call into work, plug in the headphones, ignore all calls and write a poem or two about those 80's bands that you love most.  Their most recent 7" Before The Bridge/Find Love is this one's repeat, repeat, repeat.


Anonymous said...

You should do what I always do with words: insert an inexplicable car chase into the mix to keep us morlocks happy.

Flippancy aside however; thanks for the track - a band whose aura is yet to reach my alien sector of the planet. This reminds me of so many decent records...

Genevieve said...

Okay since Morlocks are so cute, I'll burn more literary rubber and screeches.

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