Wednesday, August 24, 2011

No Fist Is Needed

I have more than a crush on Lykke Li - she's a kindred spirit.   Damn, I mean Dah-Amn [as in a double-syllable damn] because her lyrics slay.  It's a strange thing when you find an artist who writes lyrics that so closely match your own paltry journal entries.

Lykke Li - Silent My Song

She's already on my regular rotation but it's likely she'll be mentioned a lot lately in the next few months because I'll be seeing her in person very shortly. Did I just hear you shriek?  Must just be my own echo... daily my heart thump thump thumps.


Colin said...




She's adorable, for sure.

Have lots of fun! x

Ps, I went to see The National play last night in Glasgow. Many ghosts were put to bed, amongst the tears. Sigh.

Genevieve said...

Aww they were one of the best live performances I've seen. Hope you enjoyed it, tears, joy and all.

Nighty night ghosts.

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