Saturday, August 27, 2011

Those Wings Of Yours

I harbor a deep rooted desire to play the cello harking all the way back to the heady days of R.E.M, Bjork and a slew of others when the orchestra director said, "We are full.  There's no room at the Inn."  Left to birth my musical Jesus elsewhere I settled disinterested and desultory into the life of a band nerd.  Obviously, I never really felt much for my band instrument, it was more of a cheap lay of convenience [introducing me to parties and my first drug/sexual experiences... groans, this is starting to sound uncomfortably cliché like that movie.  Don't make me say it, you know the one].   What is true in adolescent school music programs must also be true in life, we always remember the ones we could never have.

So when fellow blogger friend Lazer Guided Melody posted Matson Jones' A Little Arson Never Hurt Anyone and those first cello chords hit my ears, I bobbed my head, mmmed along and hit repeat about a dozen times.   I'm amazed at how they turn something so simple into a seriously raucous guitarless cacophonous eargasm.  Turns out the original quartet Anna Mascorella, Martina Grbac, bassist Matt Regan and drummer Russ Harada aren't playing together anymore though apparently the Lady Cellists and Harada have concocted something new.  Information on this is a little sketchy but being so obsessed with their self-titled LP I haven't really fallen too deep down the rabbit hole.  I only have ears for you.....

Picking one was impossible so please enjoy my thus-far favorites.

Matson Jones - A Little Arson Never Hurt Anyone

Matson Jones - .............Sympathy

Matson Jones - He Means Nothing, Dear

Matson Jones - ///Spring Fever

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Anonymous said...

The Matsun Jones fanclub (interwebs branch) approves. A grand choice of songs - and "raucous guitarless cacophonous eargasm" - perfectly sums up theirt sound; I'm gonna borrow that phrase for my epitaph.

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