Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rainin Cold Hard Facts

Day 1,472 without rain in our barren post-apocalyptic landscape.  The trees are dying, the food is gone and the zombies lurk around every corner.  Survival is quickly becoming the rarity, not the norm.  Okay, okay so that's an exaggeration but I miss the rain!  Cuddling up when it's raining is probably the most delicious thing, ever.  Don't make me bust out a rendition of Eddie Rabbitt's I Love A Rainy Night because I will did.  [One very funny youtuber wrote: I used to listen to this song while running over prostitutes, drug dealers, gangsters and cops. Shit was awesome.]  Didn't we all buddy?

Time to get our rain dance on... on second thought it's too hot to dance.  How about we get our Rain Drink on instead?  Peazy - done.

The Sea of Memories out on September 27th.  Remind me to share a really funny story about an email exchange between me and Johan with you one of these days.

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