Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Running Up That Hill

I've seen this tote from Fieldguided pop up around the interwebs several times over the last year or so but still can't decide which of the colors I like better.  Dark?  Light? Also, I just love that there's an homage to Fleetwood Mac in the second photo.

[Update 8.25.11 Per the very sweet and nice seller Anabela, Fieldguided is getting away from the dip-dyed bags though there may still be some here.  I bought one of each because Anabela said they might be the last two.  One for me and one for my friend who is getting married.  I'm going to make her a mix cd to go with it appropriately called There Is Thunder In Our Hearts and filled with my favorite songs about loooove.]

If you didn't know [Tsk tsk, shame on you] the line is a lyric from this song by the always lovely, Kate Bush.  Placebo did an okay cover made popular by one of those annoying teeny bopper shows.  This site has a lot of interesting quotes/interviews with Ms. Bush about the song's title and meaning.

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