Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fowl Fangs

This is what happens when you go to bed with the chickens, the 3 am witchy hour calls and won't leave a voicemail.  Here's to all you night-owl vampires, sink your teeth into this.

This Scarlet Train is a 3 piece hailing from the misty land of Falkirk, Scotland.  Only together for a year between 1986-1987, Fimbria was their only release.  Which really is a shame, it's dreamy soft stuffs perfect for late night come downs. This kid in the photo is so cool with his two pet owls and hat.  Oh that hat.

This Scarlet Train - Kistvaen

This Scarlet Train - Picture Frame

Another great scarlet band is this gem by Scarlet Architect but I can't listen to it too much right now because then I'll never get back into my coffin so I can wake up with the chickens. When did chickens start ruling my life??

1 comment:

Colin said...

I can't stop gazing at that picture. Wonderful!

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