Sunday, November 29, 2015

Closing The Circle

Diving deep into the depths.  Swimming in the currents amongst the ocean's voluptuous secrets;  the varying waves whisper against our skins.  Sometimes warm, sometimes arctic; an exploration like no other.  One forgotten.  No, not forgotten; one placed in the memories of the oceanographer.  Old and frail, he spends his time categorizing the depths he once felt in a sunshine youth.

Remembering the careful and quiet coral curves, the delicately violent flip of a shark's fin, the watery effervescence of solitude, of togetherness.  While marking the geographic undulations of hills, valleys, currents and oceanic life; there is a closing of the circle.  A love that no one can understand; that no one can map.  Not even the divers.

Catherine Wheel //  Fripp // Chrome // 1993

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