Friday, November 20, 2015

Always, Always

All bad work days aside, this month marks two years since my lovely grandmother passed and seventeen years since my mother left.  There are plenty of posts written here about grief, love and loss on this blog, feel free to rifle through them... Crank The Shiny Tune is no stranger to drama and emotion and she's said more than enough.

Tonight let's raise our glasses to the glory of Always.  Whatever that means to you.  

Everyone wants to be cool; it's a pointless exercise if you ask me.  So many of the music snobs are content to box themselves into very specific genres.  Let loose kids... you can't take cool with you when you die.

The Stranglers // Always The Sun // Dreamtime // 1986

Alvvays  // Party Police // Alvvays // 2014
Don't have to leave
You can just stay here with me 

Erasure // Always // I Say, I Say, I Say // 1994

This wasn't chosen for comedy or irony; adore the lyrics and the video is pretty hilarious but also sad when you think about it.  This is one of my favorite bands and I fiercely stand by my choice. 

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