Thursday, November 26, 2015

A Drop On My Tongue

Salty, savory, sweet, coma-inducing.  It's the day of thanks here in my neck of the woods and most people will douse their taste buds with these flavors.  In lieu of caloric intake, a gluttony of aural treats will see me through.  Hope you all enjoy.

The geniuses of Drape are at it again.  Latest release is a delightful gem of 60's pop meets Kraftwerk-esque melodies with guitars.  Can you hear it? Yum.

Drape // Round & Round // Relax/Relapse // October 2015

This track has everything I love.  Dream pop and psychedelic drums all peppered with gazey guitars. I'll be gorging on their debut album later today.

Talk In Tongues // Still Don't Seem to Care // Alone With a Friend // April 2015

DIIV // How Long Have You Known? // Oshin // 2012

DIIV floated into town a few weeks ago (with No Joy and Sunflower Bean) and with any instrumentally heavy sounds, I lost myself in the music and lusty greed took over.  The set seemed very short so like a true jerk, I alone clamored for more.  Encore, encore.  Always amazed at the blah-dom of show goers in this city.  Zero passion or excitement; everyone is so dopey.. "Oh?  It's over now?  Oh... like ok... let's like go do stuff" and then they just anticlimactically shuffle out of the building.  A collective wet noodle.  Sooo booooring.

Their loss - I was in a lovely haze.  Openers Sunflower Bean were a pleasant surprise.  No frills.  Guitar, bass and drum with a very compact organized sound.  It'll be interesting to see how their latest release is received in February.  Also, they played some tracks that bordered on divine cerebral gaze, which I hope will be on the new album.  The track below is a teaser from the new album and not a personal favorite.  It's a bit too accessible in comparison to the other tracks that grabbed me that night.

Sunflower Bean // Wall Watcher //  Human Ceremony // February 2016

This ep really does it for me, in particular Somebody Call a Doctor, 2013Ok Mr. Man and Bread.

Sunflower Bean // Show Me Your Seven Secrets EP // January 2015

*Can anyone catch their influences?  Some might scoff at direct flattery but I'm pretty excited about all the neo gaze happening at the moment; all the bright shiny whippersnappers discovering sounds and creating something from them.  There are only so many times you can listen to Loveless, Souvlaki and others of the ilk.  Think about the Russian czars...inbreeding begets hemophiliacs.

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