Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Dreaded Crossroads

We've all been there, that moment we realize we've reached it.  The Dreaded Crossroads.  A place of unknowing, one made worse when it means you're responsible for others.  Which way?  What if you fuck it up?  The slice between tendon and fascia... it's a bitch.  Well, yeah, surgeons have nerves of steel for a reason.

If yoga has taught me anything (and it's taught me a lot), it's that at any moment one is uncertain, pissed off, confused, unbalanced, sad, raging or whatever; then that's a good time to go inward.  But what does that fucking mean?!  To the uninitiated, it means a lot.  Certain poses create introverted emotions, certain breathing techniques do the same.  When we go inside, we find protected spaces, boundaries, kindness, freedom.

Now is that time.  Things are about to get real weird here in Crank The Shiny Tune's pants and mind; as if they haven't already.  Internal for this loony means some deliciously beautiful, celestial and thoughtful tunes.   No lyrics posted this time, just listen to the melodies and fucking breathe.  Because for heaven's sake, we can all use a break.

But do please listen in order since there is a method to my madness, after all.

The Magnetic Fields // The Dreaming Moon // Get Lost // 1995

The Sundays //  Joy // Reading, Writing, Arithmetic // 1990

Catch this uploaded video before it's gone.  It's commercial free for those that can view it.

Cocteau Twins // Heaven or Las Vegas // Heaven or Las Vegas // 1990

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