Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Relay

It's been on my mind lately, the relay.  One heartbreak becomes another which gives birth to yet another.  Do you know what I mean?  That which we once experienced becomes that which someone else in our future experiences.  Terrible laughable irony... I'm sure the French or the Russians have a phrase for this.  At any rate, in my own bumbling language... that which was becomes that which is and likely will become that which will be tomorrow   Unbearable unfinished business.

Laughing wryly.... the state we live in; this existence we call home.

Just give me a second darling, to clear my head
Just put down those scissors baby
On this single bed
The sand in the hour glass is running low
I came through thunder, the cold, wind, the rain and the snow
To find you awake by your window sill
A sight for sore eyes, and a view to kill

I broke down in horror at you standing there
The glow from the moon shone through cracks in your hair
I shouted with passion "I love you so much"
But feeling my skin, it was cold to the touch
You whispered "where are you?"
I questioned your doubt
But soon realized you were talking to God now

You've got blood on your hands
And I know it's mine
I just need more time
So get off your low, let's dance like we used to!
But there's a light in the distance, waiting for me
I will wait for you
So get off your low, let's kiss like we used to

I looked in the mirror, but something was wrong
I saw you behind, but my reflection was gone
There was smoke in the fireplace as white as the snow
A voice beckoned gently "now it's time to go"
A requiem played, as you begged for forgiveness
"Don't touch me!" I screamed
I've got unfinished business

White Lies // Unfinished Business // To Lose My Life // 2009

This whole album brings layers of feels.    


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