Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pop Kiss

I've no idea how I came across Blueboy, but they're beyond lovely.  Sneaking intuition they were from a certain Glaswegian.   Lately, the music on this blog has been a bit on the wet side.  I know!!  Promise very soon, I'll break out of my soft emotional shell... Promise!


Colin said...

Er, yup, that would have been me :) Blueboy were fantastic, one of the best bands Sarah Records had. Oh, I hope to be posting again soon, this weekend for sure.


ps, There is absolutely nothing wrong with yr wet/soft emotional shell, in my view. It makes us human!

Genevieve said...

In that case, lately I've been very very human. ;)

Very much looking forward to your posts, they've been sorely missed of late.

[Can't get enough of Blueboy, thank you!]

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