Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's A Mess

Earlier tonight my internet was down, meaning no internet or cable television.  Down because my landlord is in either prison or a mental hospital - no one actually knows. He's a bit a of a nut.  My friend who works for the court system told me he came before her judge.   Oh shit, I don't know what to say.

This evening, forced into First World Exile, I tried to amuse myself with watching my copy of 24 Hour Party People.  As expected, I was only able to sustain an interest right up to when Ian Curtis dies.  The rest of the film is painful at best - honestly, give me a knife and slit my chest, I hate it.

  Instead, now that my internet is back up, let me share these two amazing songs:

Hohoham - King

The Black Ryder- Outside


Anonymous said...

Ha! – and so it falls to me to valiantly defend 24HPP's honour. Not the best “mischievous music” film – that'll be Gainsbourg (Vie Héroïque) – nor the definitive Joy Division movie, yet I've always found Coogan as Anthony H Wilson highly convincing, especially in regards to the sense of disorder that Wilson couldn't help but be attracted to. It's a movie that's irreverent, tongue planted firmly in cheek, and with a few post-modern touches that add, not detract. Plus Andy Serkis' turn as Martin Hannett is wonderful.

Music films are usually difficult to get right in terms of tone – I've always thought that a successful movie equates to enjoying the film in spite of the artist(s) being featured. I can't stand the Mondays – they've never made my type of music – but I never fail to enjoy the film, regardless of many times I've seen it (and that's quite a high number, come to think of it).

Perhaps it's the British humour that doesn't translate?

Genevieve said...

Merggh... I should probably have quantified my hastily compiled opinion a bit better. The humor does translate [at least I think I'm getting it!] and I agree that Coogan plays his role very well as tragi-comedian and I especially love your comment regarding the sense of disorder that he attracts. It's true - that's the mess to which I was referring, well that and the very hot mess that is my landlord. I suppose it comes down to musical taste - the Mondays [and rave/dj culture in general] leave a very sour taste in my mouth and I don't think I've ever been able to finish the film in its entirety. Shameful, yes I know. Maybe if I strapped myself to a chair and held my eyelids open with clothespins...

You are right though, Andy Serkis, and for that matter, Shirley Henderson sparkle in their roles.

Valiantly defended young squire!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I've had a wee thinky about this (I do that from time to time) and I've decided that the real reason I like this film is that it's a celebration of idiocy.

Because even us idiots need attention sometimes.

Genevieve said...

Hmmm I've occasionally had one of those thinky sessions myself once or twice. This film may be be a celebration of idiocy but there's a fine line between the lovable village idiot and true inanity [like that wretched waste-of-celluloid Idiocracy which scares me senseless because of its true correlation to modernity and future. Personally I love village idiots.

Genevieve said...

Nice typos I've made, this is what I get for trying to balance my glass of wine, a text conversation and the internet. Village Idiot Candidate Nominee #212 please stand up.

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