Wednesday, September 28, 2011

All Work and No Play...

So busy my head is spinning.  Go to work at dawn, come home at dusk only to work on more more more projects.  This Jill is turning into a very dull girl indeed.  Stop!  Hammer time!   Some fun interweb hoopla is just the thing.  Who can live without a pair of Fundies - The Underwear Built For Two, I ask you?!  See more snort-o-rific-ness at Extremely Close Couples.

Ladies - can't decide what to wear?  Try Brants - the bra and pant in one!  There's a video, don't miss it.

That's Brants! from Karey Dornetto on Vimeo.


Read McSweeney's Dream Jobs That You're Glad You Didn't Pursue.  Personally, the one titled "So You Wanted To Be A Writer" had me holding my stomach in laughter.

Finally there is this clip from the 1971 film The Point by Harry Nilsson entitled Are You Sleeping?  It's sweet and adorable - much needed after any grueling day.

*For the musicphiles, I did manage to listen to some things today.  I subjected my office mate to ABBA [accordingly I was corrected,  it's pronounced Aaabba, not Ahhbba], The Beatles [sometimes quaint is good] and Austra

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