Sunday, September 4, 2011


Stop the presses! I can't feel the tips of my fingers and my mind is spinning, I'm so excited - my most favorite music crush Finn Vine of White Rose Movement has a new incarnation, Genuflex.  Described by an undocumented source as “Scott Walker singing through a Cocteau wash of Bowie era Berlin” the new tunes are less synth-pop-beat driven than WRM's earlier work but no less haunting and riveting.  I cannot, cannot, wait to get my paws on these tracks. 

Lotus Eats Pale Receipts is definitely not to be missed. Listen to it now and hear more stunning demos here and follow their updates here and here.

Lotus Eats Pale Receipts (Demo) by GENUFLEX

[P.S. If you wanted to super nerd out, you can listen to both Finn Vine and Poppy Corby-Teuch discuss some of their favorite synth bands on their friend's monthly podcast, Synth Heroes posted here.  Finn is so soft-spoken and moody, I can't help but fall further in crush with him.  The interview begins at the 3rd little person icon if you want to skip to it.  There's also an interview with another great band, Neon Indian but that's a post for another time.] 


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a voice. This reminds me of David Sylvian or maybe Bauhaus, with a slight nod to Billy McKenzie thrown in, but all of it from a dimension more sparkly.

Genevieve said...

Sparkly dimension indeed, I'm floating in the myriad microscopic soundscapes. His voice hits such a good nerve.

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