Thursday, December 17, 2015

And Here We Are

Another holiday season.   It's not something I enjoy, and in fact, find it pretty gruesome.  Fairly certain there are numerous cantankerous and whiny blog posts about this on thee ole Crank The Shiny Tune but after a little cry session with my friend tonight, I figured out a way to deal.

I'm ok.. As long as we don't talk about the actual fucking day or anything to do with it.  Not a word.  Nothing about Norman Rockwell, decorations, traditions, white elephants, baking or whatever.  I'm serious, not a fucking word.  Ugh, so dramatic.

At any rate...bind yourself; and noooo festive talk.  There's only one thing to do when you realize you're walking through a desert.  Time to ration water, folks.

The Mary Onettes // Explosions // The Mary Onettes //

Images: Kock Magazine 
I will miss trees, ornaments, caroling and dirty hot chocolate though..   Just saying.

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