Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Intrinsic Reunion

Feelings; we can't contain them.  Dammit, they fill us.  Submerge our lungs in gigantica and fly around us like stupid midges; bothering our more productive lives.

Effervescent tingles; orbs of hope tickling every memory; without touching; it's absolute heaven.

He lifts me to bubbly heights; his brief hands on my chest, his excited eyes about his latest find, and joyful loveliness...  So beautiful.

The problem with champagne is the hangover it brings; i.e. the heartache that his interactions mean.  Being with him feels like basking in the sun, only to be abruptly moved into the shadows.  His gorgeous crystalline light is what it is; fleeting like a moody climate.  So fucking dramatic but I swear, if you met him, you'd agree.  He has that effect on everyone, no lie.

Bright eyes, beautiful smile, wicked intelligence. 

Much to his chagrin and or ego, the world loves him and often worships him.  And why would they not?  He gives everything while shining love and gentleness like the sun with that radiant smile.  But they don't know him, not like I do. His untoward secrets and everything he hides behind that lovely mask.  It's the tiddly-widdly parts of him that I love most. The parts he's shared with no one; the parts I'm privy to.

Dammit.  I'm afraid I can never cherish anyone else the same way.

You came out of nowhere
Stealing my heart and brain
Flaming my every cell
You make me feel myself

Across the time and space
A never-ending dance
A blooming and a trance

You make me feel my soul
There's no more loneliness
Only sparkles and sweat
There's no more single fate
You make me feel myself

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