Sunday, January 3, 2016

Vipers, She-Devils & Principles

First day of sunshine in ages, in more ways than one, and this limp gypsy soaks it up.  Tadpole in the rain.  Despicable dehydration, you vanishing thing.  That nemesis, at best, an insatiable, terribly venomous snake retreats and with weary lips, any starving eejit worth their salt will suck its milky poison from those plump cerulean veins with a vehemence not seen in months.  Clean and bright, the life blood flows again.

As one of my dearest friends remarked today after I said something about a venus flytrap vagina, "Your mojo is flowing!"  Damn right, babe and it's about fucking time.

She-Devils, I'm on the fence about... moody Montreal, elements of trip-hop even...still, the fuzz is a good feel.  Definitely worth a listen.

*alternate version

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