Thursday, February 21, 2013

And Just Like That

Things begin to change.  I am flooded by change from every direction.  I am the crevasse of dried burnt earth.  I am the dam that kept my crevasses dry.  I am the salty water wearing down the dam, flooding myself. I am the new landscape unfolding before me.

Reading the story written by my friend of the asexual robot inventor and his relationship between his android and the human girl, or the new blog by my dearest Christine and her Senbazuru journey or the continued progress of Skywalker through 40 days of yoga/meditation, I am so inspired by the manifestations in their lives, I want to run, not walk out, of the tunnel of my own making and embrace all the newness coming my way. 

Melody Prochet's Melody's Echo Chamber... dreamy, webbed and swirling heights of color and sound embed the eddies of change mixing with the deeply rooted earth of my heart.  I am churned to mud and freed from the last clinging grips of nostalgia.

1 comment:

Christine said...

Funny that you find inspiration in me as I've found much in you! An inspira-circle. As for embracing, I'm all for showing you how to make your own Senbazuru. Might be a nice way to dedicate the new space.

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