Wednesday, December 12, 2012

This Hollow Feeling Grows & Grows

Belgian Subject's glorious 1982 track What Happened to You is one of several current mantras coloring my life these days with its steely wisps.  The honeymoon is over and now begins Battle of Stasis. State of deflation, hieroglyphic hypnosis.  A time approaches when you must actualize all the finger pricking work you've been practicing in silent solitude.  A time to embrace choices and eschew that other underbelly.  It's odd that I craved a sabbatical for so long and here we are a month out of Babylon Tower and I'm already itching for something more.  There's nothing quite like restless boredom to shake you from the fuzzed out dream state where you left an important part of your brain Somewhere, somewhere in a field in Hampshire. Alright. 

But what if you never come down???

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