Saturday, December 22, 2012

I Would Call It Ivory

So I've written about crushes and intrigues and love losses many many times - if anyone is interested just revisit most of my summer posts [or any of my posts really.  Love is my grand motivator].

That said.  I have a crush... it's something I hate bringing up in blog form or print unless it's something.  It's definitely something.  I didn't sleep much last night, minus the stupid neighbor's dog howling at her absence... because I'm doing the thing I do when I really really truly like someone.  It's embarrassing and the opposite of poetic.  Or maybe the epitome of poetic.  I day dream about them, as they are not.  As I want them to be, as we are together.  Last night's insomniac visions were perfect, as life isn't.

So this time... I'm keeping my crush to myself, as much as I can.  There is a reason one of my coworkers calls me Chismosa which basically means I can't keep my blipping mouth shut.  About anything.  Which isn't actually true.... I'm a vault and a volcano equally.  She was lucky enough to meet me in a gregarious phase.

That's it.  Almost a hidden place.... but I've not shared with anyone the incredible power of this crush.  Overwhelming, I could be wrong about this one.  But this feeling is like no other... it's something I want to hold in my hands and cherish, protecting it from everyone else.  

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