Thursday, February 2, 2012

How I Miss Thee, Let Me Count The Ways

It feels forever since I sat before this screen and said, "Hello You."  I miss you.

But, it's a quick post this morning as I bend over the keys in my bathrobe, hair still wet, teeth to be brushed, lunch to be made before I skedaddle out the door to the Babylon Tower.

Much to come, so much to regale.  Link Fest.  Crush Update.  Quasi Life Lessons even.  And this too.

You know I love The Veils.  Here, here, here and here.  There was a letter once written in preparation for the hardest letter I will ever have to write.  Do I?  Should I?  Is it even worth it?

*Also, don't you just adore oldie typewriters? I do!

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