Friday, February 17, 2012

Guff Woman

The Organ - Love Love Love

The Organ - I Am Not Surprised

I never said I was a cool person; nor did I say my music tastes are anything other than what they are.  [P.S. If you are the recipient of a one of my very special handmade mixed cds and decide to be a shitty snobby jackass about it, rest assured you will NEVER receive anything from me ever again].

Speaking of caring fucking less, I actually really really like The Organ, regardless of their dubious associations and backgrounds. Tonight this is really doing the trick.


Colin said...

Hmmm? 'Dubious associations and backgrounds'? Do explain! I'm also a huge fan of The Organ and Katie Sketch (the Mermaids project), more specifically. I am intrigued! x

Genevieve said...

Sometimes I forget that people actually read this smattering of randomness and it's not just myself reading my own usually drunken opinions or attempts at some sort of notation.

There once was a hideous artist represented by a 'gallery' [for lack of a better descriptor] I worked for and his equally hideous wife who invited me to participate in their Bay Area based project, The Mermaid School, a group of aging swingers and their dubious activities. Thankfully, this chapter in my life has remained unwritten or even drafted for that matter.

This has nothing to do with your comment, except for the reference to dubious Mermaids. :)

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