Monday, February 27, 2012

An Altar Of Sorts

Is this attention just a burden to bear?  A sick reminder that I didn't care?

My love, my mirror, my haunting.  I love this band so much there is nothing left to do but create the alter of underbelly kinship.  Austra sends me into a whirling dervish oblivion drain.  And as I curl into a black hole space, remembering [but rarely mentioning] bleached bones, this alter calls seeking an anchor.  Feel It Break, my brain, being and loins coagulate.

Here's a pretty lovely fan video of their track The Choke featuring film clips from Fritz Lang's Scarlet Street.

Sadly, for you CTST readers, I've only posted of them here once.  But for a select few [four to be exact] you may well remember my introduction/obsession/intense adoration of them from that other [waves hand flippantly] soul vomit foregone conclusion of a blog.

In a synchronistic alignment of the stars, I was very fortunate to see them at Fun Fun Fun Fest and even more lucky that my Salt Decadence encounter asked me to an after fest dj show where Katie Stelmanis and her bandmate, the equally sexy Maya Postepski [now one half of the amazing duo Trust, a band very soon to be posted] were djing.  Weaving my way in typical, clumsy, genuine, altogether too much Miranda July-esque habit to the booth, I tried in a succinct, reverent, cool hipster way to express just how much I loved them and their performance.

How I understand to the depths of my marrow the feelings and fires their lyrics spark and would it be alright if we could drink wine together sometime, candles lit, incense burning while we seance lost souls with more wisdom than any one living could possibly bear?

Yeaaah... obviously I'm the furthest thing from a cool hipster.  What came out was more of a, "You were amazing!!  Um, thank you so much for a great show.  Ramble ramble... fizzle."  Even that is more cogent than my See Her Tumbling Down moment.  Katie was less than impressed sadly and just kind of scowled while fidgeting in her gorgeous caftan, though Maya was very sweet about my sad attempt and we talked briefly about current music that we're into...

I should know better by now.  When it comes to talking to bands/people I like, I'm hopeless.  More often than not, it's like I'm walking around with an invisible whoopie cushion stuck to my ass.  wink

This yap yap nonsense aside, Austra is in my core of Hell Yes and should be in yours as well. 


Christine said...

Like you, I am doomed to the sudden transformation when speaking to bands/people I like. It's as though all efforts of aloofness transform into girlish giggles that manifest as sappy, rambling compliments. But what can you do? I adore this post and I adore Austra. interestingly, I awoke with Spellwork in my head this morning!

Genevieve said...

Parallels over and over, you and I.
Do you recall, oh so many moons ago, the Radiohead Sulk post and your subsequent comment?

When did being genuine become passé? It's a new decade, let's start that revolution. Genuine IS cool. Snarky too cool for eww hipsters are so 00. x

Christine said...

Oh! What a memory you have! Now i've got Sulk in my head...ahh, lovely start to this day. lovely.

Genevieve said...

Austra and Radiohead make for lovely days indeed. <3

This is becoming the memory comment thread. Speaking of memories, do you remember our post Radiohead show bliss glow?? How I wish we could have obtained tickets to their most recent. iknowiknowiknow, so greedy having seen them not only twice but so close the last time!

Christine said...

Oh yes, I can't possibly forget the glow. I so wish we had tickets, too. Though I think I would be disappointed no matter what because of the venue. I generally try not to think about it--so angry with myself for missing pre-sale! bah!

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