Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Breaking All The Rules

A hilarious day filled with absolutely strange laugh-aloud commentary, like naming one's conceptual children [anyone who knows me will understand this hilarity though I have without-a-doubt-don't-try-to-change-my-mind-or-stop-me ferociously picked the name of conceptual Daughter], pen pal jokes and online funny chats, tongue tied office delirium "do you have any plain claper pips [meaning paper clips], 3 hours in the salon chair trying still to get rid of the idiotic sleeping death black dye I was stupid enough to don oh so so so many moons ago while sparking snarky about Jesus/Hot Chocolate You Sexy Thing [high school movie theater job]/Kate Moss and that stupid editorial pose that has become so retardedly popular, hookah and altogether amazingly too short conversations about love, self-hood, triangulation, excepting something for what it is, stage 5 clingers, Siberian ferns, existential quicksand and the fence and flowers one must plant in order to breathe reboot and thrive, and do I really look like Raggedy Ann?  I don't??  Whew, thank god.  What?  I look like a sombrero?  My friends and days like today are the absolute best.

Breaking all the rules now by staying up way past my bedtime to post this nonsense but I know you were waiting all day on pins and needles for this fantastic, thought provoking hovercraft.

Here's hoping today you also broke some rules.  xo
Ludus - Breaking All The Rules

PS.  Just in case you were wondering, this is the last song of my Winter Mix Dames & Dudes

PPS.  Are you impressed with my non mention of My Crush or the Love That We Dare Not Speak His Name?  Dammit, you should be, cuz I've tried super hard to break the rule.  Stupid because these are two of my favorite topics!  In case you are curious, the Crush has deflated, disintegrated and I think disappeared though I don't really understand why.  Bummed central without a doubt.

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