Friday, April 16, 2010

Wolves [to be cont.}

Because in my old post the jump links in the player went crazy and I really want to share this song. Patrick Wolf is pretty and ugly simultaneously and is one of my new favorite treasures resulting from the myriad "wolf" bands out there right now. Kind of reminds me of Xiu Xiu a little, though maybe not as heart breaking, more light or something. Like two neighboring viper heads on the same hydra.

Also worth a peek, if unfamiliar, are Sea Wolf, Wolfmother, Wolf Parade, Wolf Eyes, Wolf and of course Wolf Parade. If I can figure out computer speak I'll try to get that pesky player up again soon.

And the moment that started it all?

I have no desire to play the She-wolf to your Remus and Romulus. These teats are virgin and anyway it's much more my style to just walk away.

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